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Counselling services and consultations available in English and Spanish.


Conflicts and obstacles are essential for personal-growth You and I will evaluate your needs and expectations

Welcome to my website

I can assist you with my professional and confidential counselling services if you are experiencing personal challenges.


What is co-parenting?

Whether you are raising your children together or separated, you are co-parenting.

When parents separate or divorce co-parenting takes on an extra strain and children are in the…

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My hope is to help you answer the following questions:

What is going on?
‘What do you want instead?
‘How might you get to what you want?

How does it work

Evaluate your needs


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Emotional Tune-up

Feeling stressed, powerless and exhausted can be signs that you may benefit from an Emotional Tune Up.

There are many physical, emotional or psychological symptoms that need your attention to…

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Spanish version

Bienvenido a mi sitio web y optar si mis áreas de experiencias pueden servirle en la búsqueda de soluciones. Proveo un servicio sensible, sin juicio y enfocado en la…

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Welcome to my website

I am a registered professional counsellor with Canadian Professional Counselling Association and with Canadian College Of Professional Counsellors & Psychotherapists. My professional and confidential counselling service can assist you if you are experiencing personal challenge.

My hope is to assist you become more aware of your internal and external barriers. You will accomplish self-confidence and gain new framework of thinking. Your life matters; take a step and call for a free half hour consultation.

I can support people experiencing personal challenges, provide a safe space for people explore and understand strengths and hopes.

I am an Affiliated Counsellor with OPTUM Canada. If your Extended Health Benefit is covered under OPTUM Canada, your counselling services may be covered. Please consult with your Extended Health Benefit.

If you are not covered, you may get to declare your counselling expenses when you do your taxes.

I am registered with Crime Victim Assistance Program. If you have been a victim of a crime and qualify for a claim number with Crime Victim Assistance Program, you can access my professional counselling services.

This is a program that offers funding to victims who have been victims of a crime and it is paid directly to CVAP registered counsellors. Call for consultation 778 297 6066.

If you have been hoping to change how you express your feelings of frustrations and anger in your intimate relationship. You have become aggressive and are risking ending up with legal matters because the way you relate to your spouse and children, you may benefit from attending counselling and learn expressing and behaving more effectively.

I work flexible hours to accommodate your needs. I am fluent in English and Spanish



Communicating effectively

Separation and divorce

Co-parenting, after separation and divorce.

Coaching families with effective parenting skills, disciplining of their children and co-parenting

Effects of domestic violence and its impact on the children

Drug, alcohol, and gambling and their effects on families

Parent-teenager mediation

Understanding and managing effectively emotions: anger, frustrations etc.

Individuals / Couples Counselling

Empowering people when facing difficult transitions

Helping people facing addictions (alcohol, drugs, gambling)

Understanding and managing emotions such anger, frustrations, etc.

Conflict Resolution



Winners usually encounter obstacles before they triumph

You and I will evaluate your needs and expectations


I provide strictly confidential services in English and Spanish



Call for appointment at 778 297 6066


Conflicts and obstacles are essential for personal-growth You and I will evaluate your needs and expectations

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